Student Exchange

The School of Nursing and Health Studies offers the exciting option of studying abroad during intersession “mini-mesters.” Students enrolled in NUR 487 International Health: Transcultural Nursing get an international perspective on nursing practice by working alongside host country nurses during clinical experiences made possible with the help of our global partners. The students’ observations on the role of the nurse within the host country’s health care system helps to deepen their understanding of their future profession as they broaden their cultural horizons.

Students' Experiences in Their Own Words


Robyn Wojeck, Health Science Student:

"I had a chance to work side by side with an anesthesiologist. He had so much insight, guidance, and passion for his profession that I've decided this is the route I plan to focus on. This trip opened my mind and made me aware of all the fascinating possibilities."

Dennis Barbon, Health Science Student:

"My concern was that, as a hospital administrator, I would lose that ability to interact one-on-one with patients. But in Chile I learned the importance of collaboration and how critical the hospital administrator is in creating quality teams to provide outstanding individual care. I'm more convinced than ever that I'm heading in the right direction. What an incredible opportunity!"

Christopher A. Espinosa, Accelerated BSN Program:
“I had the opportunity to observe some unique conditions and procedures and most importantly I actually got to do hands on work with my patients applying the nursing skills learned at UM. In addition we gave a PowerPoint presentation in Spanish and that was challenging! I would definitely recommend and encourage students to take advantage of this study abroad program that the UM SONHS has to offer. It is a great learning experience that you will cherish a lifetime!"

Natasha S. K. Marks, Accelerated BSN Program:
“Although the reality of limited resources could not be ignored, nurses accomplish so much utilizing what they have … This trip has truly enhanced my view of nursing and has renewed my commitment to excellence in providing the best quality healthcare.”

Visiting Students

Visits from international students are a highlight of the academic year at the School of Nursing and Health Studies. Recent groups of visiting nursing and midwifery students from Chile, England, Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan have participated in a variety of clinical and recreational activities.

Clinical observerships at area hospitals, including University of Miami Hospital, South Miami Hospital, and Jackson Memorial Hospital provide the students an opportunity to learn alongside professional nurses in diverse units, including mother/baby, catheterization lab, post-anesthesia care, and ambulatory surgery.

Visiting students’ comments about clinical observership:
  • “It was an unforgettable experience since all the procedures realized by hospital personnel served to help me in my professional practice in the future.”
  • “My experience was marvelous and I will remember it always. The world of a nurse in a Miami hospital is completely different from that in Mexico. I loved the technology in each hospital and the role each nurse plays.
Visiting students take part in simulation scenarios in the state-of-the-art International Academy for Clinical Simulation and Research. Simulation activities are fully interactive and are tailored to the learning needs of each group.

Visiting students’ comments about simulation:
  • “Excellent programs, super complete and understandable, the truth is that it is a great way to learn.”
  • “It is very helpful in practice to help to identify possible errors that can be made and correct them.”
  • “It served me a lot to reinforce the theory. It helped us to understand and put into practice the theory knowledge”
A trip to Miami is not complete without taking in a few of the local sights! Visiting the beach and going shopping are always popular activities for the students.