PAHO / WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing Human Resources Development and Patient Safety
Our Collaborating Centre is committed to building leadership capacity in the healthcare workforce of The Americas.
Our school’s continuously expanding international student and faculty exchange program reflects our commitment to equipping the next generation of the global healthcare workforce with skills to care for progressively diverse patient populations and serve as leaders in an increasingly globalized health care arena.

Designation as a PAHO / WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing Human Resources Development and Patient Safety is both a recognition of existing global partnerships and a mandate for the further development of these.

Publications and Presentations

Our PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre disseminates the results of its activities through scholarly publications and presentations in professional outlets and academic conferences worldwide.

SONHS Redesignated as PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre

The University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies was originally

designated a PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre in September of 2008 and has since been re-designated twice: in September of 2012 and again in September of 2016. The school is proud to hold this elite recognition, which makes it one of only 10 such centers in the United States, 18 in The Americas, and 46 in the world. As a PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre, the SONHS is committed to continuing collaboration with PAHO/WHO, with its partner Collaborating Centres, with Ministries of Health, and with institutions of higher healthcare education throughout the hemisphere to accomplish the following goals:

  • develop and strengthen nursing education and nursing leadership competencies, with a focus on curriculum development in nursing and patient safety
  • disseminate critical information and share knowledge regarding patient safety to enhance nursing workforce development and technical expertise
  • develop and strengthen multi-center projects in The Americas, with a focus on nursing workforce development, patient safety, and health disparities

As a Collaborating Centre, we commit to work with the PAHO/WHO on specific projects during each designation cycle. This four-year workplan consists of concrete activities designed and implemented to support PAHO/WHO’s strategic plans in targeted areas of need in specified regions of The Americas. We invite you to explore this website for a more detailed description of our Collaborating Centre’s key initiatives.

A Collaborating Centre is an institution designated by the WHO Director-General as part of a global collaborative network that carries out activities in support of the WHO’s programs.